(This training is for an Official Company Spokesperson)
Media Training courses prepare Spokespersons to confidently deliver their messages clearly and concisely in every media interview.

All training complies with Emergency Response Regulations and Crisis Communications best practices.

Choose the training that best suits your Spokesperson requirements:

   Media Training- Basic (7 hrs.)

   Media Training- Advanced (4 hrs.)

   Media Training- Express (3 hrs.)

   Media Training- Refresher (2 hrs.)


(This training is for non-Spokespersons such as receptionists, first responders and staff)

   Administration Workshop for Receptionists (3.5 hrs)
Receptionists learn to confidently deal with both phone calls and visits from reporters, while maintaining a Media Inquiry System©

   Spokesperson Survival Workshop (3.5 hrs)
As a Communications Lead in the Corporate Emergency Response Plan, you must know what is required. "How to" instruction and a Tabletop Exercise ensure you execute these duties effectively.

   PIO Media Workshop (3.5 hrs)
Public Information Officers learn to perform their emergency response duties to best practices standards.

   First Responders Media Briefing (1 hr)
Learn how to cooperate with reporters at the incident site, and provide key support to the designated Spokesperson, during an emergency response.

   Public Consultation Workshop (3.5 hrs)
Communications tips and confidence-building techniques for staff who may attend Open House events. Ideal for enhancing public understanding during controversial license applications.

Is everyone in your organization confident and prepared to deal with the media during a crisis?

Media Training prepares a Spokesperson to overcome the pressure of a media interview.

Media workshops and Briefings are to provide non-Spokespersons with essential skills to avoid unwanted media interviews and follow a proven emergency response protocol.

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