Crisis Communications Plan
We prepare an essential Corporate ERP upgrade to reflect best practices and achieve full Regulatory compliance.

Spokesperson ERP Media Action Plan
Specific Action Plan in 12 simple steps directs Spokesperson communications actions for emergency response.

Spokesperson Phone Contact List
Provides an up to date listing of stakeholder communications leads and services.

Public Information Officer Field Guide
Lays out role and responsibilities during an emergency response, consistent with Incident Command System practices.

First Responder Media Plan
Plastic wallet card with key reminders to follow the Media Inquiry System©

Does your organization have a Crisis Communications Plan?
Does your ERP Communications Plan comply with regulatory requirements?
Does your ERP designate Spokespersons throughout the organization?
Does your ERP contain a Spokesperson Action Plan?
Do your First Responders know how to handle media activity?
If you answered "no" to any of these, you may want to contact us

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