Does this training apply to day to day activities in our company?
Practice is essential to developing and improving our communications skills. That's why I've made the interview skills transferrable. It makes the learners more effective communicators every day in phone conversations, presentations and meetings.

Is your training recognized by the ERCB?
The Energy Resources Conservation Board Communications Section has worked with MediaReady from our beginnings. Many of the protocols we instituted during joint incident responses have been formalized into its D-71 Regulations for Emergency Response.

Isn't the risk of having an incident pretty low?
One incident can be too many, if the communications response is mishandled. The expense of meeting remedial post-incident criteria can become very expensive. We attend a couple of Level 2 incidents each year and occasionally a fatality accident, which is treated as Level 3

Do you give Workshops and courses to field staff?
I'm no stranger to travel. From Northeastern BC to Kentucky, and coast to coast, I've delivered these Courses and Workshops to our clients- where and whenever they need them.

Does any other company offer the Pager Service with guaranteed access?
MediaReady International is the only Communications Provider to offer guaranteed, 24-7 response to clients. We believe strongly that they must be able to get a communications response promptly, no matter when their crisis occurs.

What experience do you have with larger incidents?
MediaReady has been engaged in three significant Level 3 responses- with the Crestar Enchant sour gas blow out, the Elk Point Blow out in California and the West Coast Energy Gas Plant explosion. Previously, as a reporter I covered major disasters, such as the PWA 737 crash at Cranbrook.


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